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Raccoons, squirrels, birds and more won’t pose problems anymore. AAA Professional Wildlife Control has given our customers relief for over 25 years by finding their pesky wildlife intruders new homes. And our satisfied clients in the Greater Toronto Area are happy to express their satisfaction with our services.

Here Are Some of Their Positive Reviews

Quick Response & Excellent Service

Hi Mike,

AAA Wildlife Control has delivered excellent service to my home and business. They were fast in sending someone out to look at the problem, the assessment was given on the spot and they were able to start removing the animals right away. I highly recommend their services.

Gillian B.

Jewel Envy

Animal Proofing at a Fair Price

Very pleased with the workmanship. Will recommend to others. I had a problem with raccoons. They were removed in no time and have not returned. Fair pricing and great service. Professional and speedy service. I feel confident of the work and have had no further worries of animal problems. I have never experienced issues but my neighbour had. I called and got my home animal proofed. The damage done at my neighbour’s was awful. Nice to have peace of mind. Raccoons in my attic. They set a one-way door and removed the babies. Have not had issues since. Thank you!

Anonymous client

Rescued from a Raccoon Problem

Hi Mike,

Once again when I have a problem, you come to the rescue. Right on time and right on the mark, eliminating my raccoon problems. Terrific job.


Joe C.

Squirrel Proofing that Works

We had contacted AAA Wildlife about numerous squirrels living in a tree in our backyard. We seemed to be inundated with them and wanted them gone. AAA Wildlife was able to come the very next morning to check things out. In one of the holes in the tree, they found two or three young squirrels. Although they managed to get one of them out, they covered the hole with a “trap” door so the other young squirrels could get eventually out but not return. Other holes were covered over with metal mesh. We were told that they could not take the squirrels away but could only remove them from the tree. Then they suggested a “squirrel-proofing” investigation of our house and recommended putting mesh under a number of roof vents since squirrels can chew through these and get into the attic. Mesh covering our chimney was found to be missing, and this was replaced.

Overall, we were very satisfied with the prompt service, which was carried out in a professional manner. It was obvious AAA Wildlife was very thorough and made sure we were aware of the options for protecting our home from these squirrels. There was no hard sell, and all the work was done quickly and efficiently.

John M.

Successful Solutions Delivered on Time

They are extremely knowledgeable and reliable. They arrive at the scheduled time and they do the job at a fair price. They have been to my house several times to deal with raccoons and birds, and they have always solved the problem.

Charles S.

Advice to Roofers about Blocking Raccoons & Squirrels

I have hired AAA Professional Wildlife Control in North York twice. Once for raccoons in 2008 and last month for squirrels. Two different homes. There seems to be a lot of AAAs out there so having their address helped me remember which they were.

In 2008, the mother raccoon and babies were living in a ceiling beside a skylight, a back room in the house, and a slightly lower roof. Her entrance was well protected due to an 18" overhang from the main roof.

Mike of AAA Professional Wildlife Control advised me about waiting till the babies were old enough, then returned a few weeks later with a one-way door. When the raccoons were gone, Mike revisited and patched the hole. Most importantly, he nailed/stapled tough wire 2' x 15', the length of the overhang to prevent future animal control problems. To date the raccoons have not accessed that lower roof.

This year I preferred to be in denial about the squirrels in my roof as my house is an old Victorian with virtually inaccessible areas. To be honest I was afraid of the cost of the job. Mike gave me his standard quote over the phone; finding the entrance, installing a one-way door, returning at a later date to remove the door, patch the hole and warranty $220 + HST. I didn't get any other quotes because I knew enough to know that was a fair price.

He and his son showed up promptly. The access to my roof is through a third-floor window. They were very professional, trustworthy going through my home. Mike knows his business; in other words, he knows a lot about the nature of squirrels. Mike checked out my neighbour's roof at her request. He had to bring out the big ladder to do so. As she is about to get her roof re-shingled, Mike gave her his best sound advice to pass on to her roofers. Which was very kind of him.

Anonymous Client

Direct Phone Quote & Best Rates

We used AAA Professional Wildlife Control this past summer. They answered the phone right away; they were able to give a direct quote over the phone. The work was well done, very professional.

We phoned around, and the prices beat their competition. We very much so recommend them.

Anonymous Client

Raccoon & Bird Problems Solved

They are extremely knowledgeable and reliable. They arrive at the scheduled time and they do the job at a fair price

They have been to my house several times to deal with raccoons and birds and they have always solved the problem

Charles S.

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