AAA Professional Wildlife Control Removes Birds and Their Nests

Birds will nest anywhere that provides convenient shelter, and that includes your:

• Roof Vents

• Wall Vents

• Chimney

• Stove and Bathroom Vents

• Soffits and Roof

Besides being messy and annoying, the nests of invasive birds pose dangers to your safety and health, including:

• Blocking Proper Exhaust of Carbon Monoxide from Vents and Chimneys

• Infestations of Mould, Ticks and Fleas

• Risk of Incurable Histoplasmosis in Humans

AAA Guarantees Effective Bird Removal and Exclusion

The most common urban-area birds reproduce prolifically – pigeons all year round. Rid your home and property of sparrows, starlings and pigeons humanely and keep them from returning with proven services from AAA Professional Wildlife Control.

First, AAA not only locates the birds’ entry points but also describes or shows them to you. Then we make a best plan for removal from a particular location. Our guaranteed bird removal and exclusion includes

• Humane Removal of All Birds & Nesting Materials

• Relocation of Young Nesting Birds to Baby Boxes

• Damage Inspection after Bird Removal

• Repairs, Screening & Sealing of Potential Openings